October 13, 2012

Moving On

We will retain this site as backup, in the event that we ever need it again, but for now we're at http://mckmamatruths.com


October 11, 2012

And the kitchen sink


We've pulled out the rippable packing tape and the Sharpie. Please note that all comment threads on the main site (MWOP) will be closing tonight while we are attempting to migrate Disqus to the new site (TBA). This site will still be available during the final phase of the migration.


October 9, 2012

We're Moving

MWOP needs to move–again.

The main site's server traffic has skyrocketed in the past month, and has become too much for our shared server plan with the hosting company. We tried switching hosting companies over the weekend, but we overran that server as well. Our options are to pay for a dedicated server, which is pricey, or to switch domains, preferably to to a site that’s already using dedicated servers.

We have a few days to pack up and move but in the meantime we wanted to let everyone know that our future address will be here, at http://mwopblog.blogspot.com.

For now we're leaving the commenting options wide open, in order for everyone to be able to comment without needing to create a new ID.


September 26, 2012

The Final Weeks: 9/10 - 24/2012

Tweets about loose and lost teeth, eating M&Ms; photographer @ kids' school, asks for tips; Tweets MSC anecdotes; publishes post about L.

Touts Xyngular for men, Xyngular deal; Tweets about tooth fairy unpreparedness.

Tooth fairy arrives; garage door opened installed; trip to DMV; Tweets MSC anecdote; mentions weight loss; touts Xyngular event in Dallas; bathroom now has pink walls; publishes post about using paint chips to make labels.

Tweets about loose teeth, turkey crossing driveway; reader wins Xyngular pack; touts upcoming Xyngular event; goes to dentist; photographs volleyball team.

Publishes post about C.

Goes to farmers market; dad hangs shelves; makes compote.

[        ]

Up early; Tweets about NIV changing, Imagine Dragon; publishes post about house painting, reiterates Instagram username, speech therapy, Xyngular, berries, exercising.

K visits dentist; M asked to be flower girl.

At dentist again; Tweets about missing shoe; mentions hours of freedom until MSC home from school; Tweets MSC anecdotes; toothpaste splatters on ceiling; works on photos of home.

Conversation with Target checkout clerk; Tweets MSC anecdote.

[        ]

Washes 35+ pants / week; publishes pic of Roobii.

Tweets about daydreaming of wearing wedding ring; lampshade burns; touts Xyngular special.

Tweets about nerd dress-up day @ school; touts upcoming Xyngular event; publishes post about her blog coming to an end, even though "I could keep this blog if I wanted to," and fails to thank the thousands and thousands of followers who enabled her to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, due to their readership and support.

Corresponding post from the Xyngular FB page:

September 20, 2012

Attention, Please

As you may have noticed, this site has been periodically unavailable over the last few days, and this is due to DDOS attacks to our shared server.

As a temporary solution this site has been migrated to a dedicated server that can handle the number of hits we are experiencing, both as a result of the hacking and due to the daily visitor count. While you may experience slowness in accessing the site, we have been assured that the new server can handle the traffic. However this is not a sustainable solution since dedicated servers are expensive and not within the budget of MWOP.

We will be experimenting with several different solutions over the coming days in order to find a fix to the traffic (and hacking) problem. In addition we will be updating software and plugins, but you should not have any accessibility issues due to these updates.

We will also be creating a backup site for posting information and updates, in the event that this site becomes unavailable again. That site URL will be mwopblog.blogspot.com, and will be available in the next day or two.

Thank you.

September 15, 2012

Open Weekend

Putting up a new post to restart the comment count.

September 10, 2012

Week in Review: 09/03 - 09/2012

Finishes family closet; wonders about rippable packing tape; Tweets MSC anecdote about her losing weight.

Goes to Y; speech therapy with L.

Tweets about gross car; picks paint colors; publishes post about first day of school, picking paint colors, buying "size 8" jeans, speech therapy, family closet, sandwiches, hanging artwork, reading book, enjoying children, having fun; sends post to Facebook a "bajillion times."

Sleeps; Tweets MSC anecdote; publishes sponsored post (Arm & Hammer) about using baking soda to prep walls for painting; Tweets MSC anecdote; Tweets about bright paint choices; admits complete Mac word processing ignorance, asks for help.

Workout plans cancelled; publishes sponsored post (Arm & Hammer) about using baking soda to clean walls (and as shampoo in the future); Tweets about deli purchase; wears green shirt to grocery store; publishes post about chore and reminder charts for MSC.

Tweets about impressive Home Depot customer service.

Links to Alycia's weight loss journal about doing a Xyngular 8 day challenge (and then some), and losing 15 pounds.